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are you alone?

before you scroll...

take 10 seconds

close your eyes

and breathe


This section of the archive is


A woman who
although desperate for companionship
is isolated.

below is 9 hours of her footage
exchanged between us
over the course of a year

with chosen text extracted and reorganized to create a new story

turn on the sound of as many videos as you'd like



It’s crazy to me that I’m sleeping and you’re at the zoo

I cleaned the entire apartment

Trying to make myself tired and go to sleep


Alexa, what time is it in London?

I hung a bird house

And I started a garden


Do they have monkeys in London?

I imagine they have monkeys everywhere.

I look crazy

What’s wrong with me

Yay you're coming home


Come home come home

Cant wait

Tell me about your flights

Maybe I see you on Sunday

Let me know

The bitch is back

The bitch is back





That is

Where im at


Okay, im gonna go to bed now

Alex, what time is it in London

Its the middle of the night for you

Its gonna be fine

Its gonna be fine

I'm not tired.
This show is ridiculous.
How do you respond to a judgement that was recorded and sent to you days ago but you just saw it?

The um

LA kitten rescue

They haven’t responded to me yet

How are you doing today friend. good? Hopefully you’re good

I just repotted a plant, but I did it in my kitchen, after I cleaned my kitchen. So now I have dirt everywhere.


It’s real cute though.

Look at my shirt

Its a new

A new look


This morning I woke up and my eyes, my face, and my head and my eyes hurt.

Actually do you think I should put the polka dot guy [plant] in there? I don't know.

Well I didn’t pot it so ill just-

Oh god this is heavy

Don't drop it on camera

Oh boy



I haven’t been telling you about our arguments because I know how you feel about her


But its been bad lately


Like bad




She went


And uhm


Youre probably not awake


Alexa what time is it in London?


My internet is out


She had the odasity to tell me that


I think her words were like


You know 5 years ago Sawyer would have not spoken to you


Im pretty sure im being gaslit


Im pretty sure thats the right term


Oh my god







Jesus fuck





Hold on




It sucks cause its like


Like this is where I meet all my friends

And losing Sawyer too


I applied to foster from one, uhm, one, 

I applied to foster from one company

Im just not in the place to be alone

Im excited for you to come home, I just want to hang out

This is such a shit show

I was like so beyond just not well


yesterday because of everything that was going on and then Sawyer pulled that shit so im at my parents house.

I guess ill like go sit on my patio or something

Yeah thats what’s Im going to do

Ill go on my patio

Yeah, so, lets see,

We got a big week next week

Not next week

In three weeks

I have actually

Theres a couple other people

Im talking to on the apps

Its so cold

Im sitting on my patio

But I want to be inside

I was talking about a lot of boys because thats something Im working on. 

That’s just something that Im working on




Thats about it

That is about 


I just wanna like see like should Kevin and I even like make that transition, should we try that, I dont know.


I’m willing to test it out a little bit and see what happens.

This is a story about solitude

I have this gut feeling that it’s not gonna happen

Don't let me do that.


Don't let me do that. 


Don't let me do it




I will regret that.