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" As Bre coached me through my college auditions, she was there every moment I needed her. She had such extreme patience - teaching me skills I’d never encountered before, and giving me the confidence that I truly needed to get into a top program. Our sessions ended in long, engaging convos about new techniques, tools, and approaches, to get into the work.


That’s the thing about Bre, she has always had a passion for learning, which is what makes her such an incredible teacher; she brings that joy and thirst for growth into life, and into the people she coaches."

—  Kayla Burson

Marymount Manhattan BFA Class of 2020

In your sessions we will:

  • Discuss what motivates you to pursue a degree in Performance.

  • Create an organized list of schools that match your priorities as an Artist.​

  • Edit Personal Statements and other application essays to make sure you feel confident in your writing.​

  • Find Audition Material that highlights who you are and what you're made of!

    • For Acting Majors, this will normally be two contrasting monologues.

    • For Musical Theatre Majors, this will also include two contrasting songs.​

  • Workshop your material and allow you to explore them with direction, guidance, and an open mind!

    • I would not consider these singing lessons..and would encourage this to be in addition to lessons rather than in replacement of.

  • Practice 'Mock' auditions and create a warm-up that you can bring with you to ground yourself the day of your audition!


I work on a sliding scale so that my services can be as accessible as possible - I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to show these schools who they are and where they came from, no matter their financial situation. I try to be as flexible and understanding as possible, especially during these times, so please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME and we can discuss rates further! If you feel comfortable, include a little about yourself along with what you would like to focus on in our sessions together.

College Prep

Introduction Sessions

FREE weekly Q&A for parents and students who are beginning the BA/BFA Program search. This is to learn more about who I am and what I can offer you throughout your application and audition process. Together, we will walk through the audition requirements for admittance at top BA and BFA programs, how to choose the program that's right for you, the audition season timeline, and how to choose the best audition material.

One-on-One Coaching

Students who choose to pursue individual preparation will work with me to discuss their college aspirations, and to select and prepare the best audition material to showcase their talent! Outside of scheduled coaching sessions, I will remain in regular contact with students and parents, serving as an advisor throughout the entire audition season. Coaching sessions are available to book as a single session or in monthly packages. Additional services are also available such as professional-level video recordings (necessary as a pre-audition requirement for some programs and potentially for Unified Auditions), and assistance updating your headshot and resume.

College Alumni Forums

In these online forums, graduates of a wide variety of notable college theater programs will lead an open forum Q&A style discussion with high school students. Here, college graduates will share their personal experiences about the programs they attended - including their curriculum, performance opportunities, senior showcases, costs, career guidance, study abroad options and campus life. Unlike college admissions reps whose job it is to sell a school to perspective students, with these College Alumni Forums you’ll have the opportunity to ask specific questions and get honest   feedback that will enable you to compare programs in a tangible way.


Depending on the school, auditions can potentially still be virtual. We will account for this and make sure you feel 100% confident in whatever material you perform via Zoom or send for pre-screens! Depending on vaccination status and comfortability, sessions can either be virtual or, if located in the Tri-State Area, can be done at a rented studio in NYC.

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