THE WAIT New Work (Maura)                                              Edinburgh Fringe Festival / dir. Rachel Ropella
NICK CAVE: THE LET GO (Dancer)                      Park Avenue Armory / dir. by Bradley Teal Ellis

ANIMAMUNDI : 1st & 2nd edition (Deviser)               New York WinterFest / dir. by Oliver Demers

FREEFALL FROSTBITE (#2)                           Off-Broadway / dir. by Juliet Fixel

GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS (Dave Moss)        NYU Tisch / dir. by Jessica Dukatt 

HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA (Adela)           NYU Tisch / dir. by Andy Arden-Reese

VIOLET (Violet)                                                  NYU Tisch / dir. by Jenna Hoffman 

NEXT TO NORMAL (Natalie)                          NYU Tisch / dir. by Connor Gressit 

SISTER ACT (Sister Mary Martin)                   NYU Tisch / dir. by Dell Howlett 

PETER PAN (Peter Pan)                                            SCV Performing Arts, CA  / dir. by Rick Hearst

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Belle)                         SCV Performing Arts, CA  / dir. by Kyle Burson 

RENT (Ensemble/Soloist)                                        SCV Performing Arts, CA  / dir. by Matt McCray

STUCK IN NEUTRAL New Work (Allie)                    Secret Rose Theatre, CA / dir. by David P. Johnson

NORMAN’S ARC New Work (Ensemble)                   John Anson Ford Theatre, CA / dir. by Peter Schneider


CITIZEN KHAN (Supporting)                Resistance Pictures / dir. by Yoko Higuchi

READING FOR SARAH (Lead)               Independent Feature Film / dir. by Kevin Bahr

HE LITTLE COHORT (Deviser)                   Experimental Documentary / dir. by Bre Tomey

GHOSTED (Lead)                                     Independent Short Film / dir. by Lucas Rainey

SUGAR CUBES (Supporting)                  Independent Short Film / dir. by William Breen

THE BOX MAN (Lead)                            Resistance Pictures / dir. by Yoko Higuchi

LOVE, IN FIRE & BLOOD (Lead)          Independent Short Film / dir. by Preston Mulligan 

A WOMAN’S WORLD (Lead)                 Resistance Pictures / dir. by Yoko Higuchi


MFA: Rose Bruford College for Theatre and Performance

International Theatre Practice & Performance

dir. Niamh Dowling (2021-2022) 

Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

National Theatre Institute

dir. Rachel Jett (2022) 

BFA: NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Experimental Theatre Wing

dir. Rosemary Quinn (2017-2018) 

 International Theatre Workshop, Amsterdam

dir. Kevin Kulke (2016) 

New Studio on Broadway

dir. Kent Gash (2014-2016)

Gaga/Dancers: Methodics with Ohad Naharin (2021)


  • Vocal Range: E3-A5

  • Dialects: RP, Tidewater Southern, Russian, Texas Southern, Pop London, & ATS

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae kwon do

  • BFA Audition Coach

  • Trained in Aikido & Capoeira

  • Contact Improvisation

  • Basic Guitar Skills

  • Horseback Riding

  • Intermediate Ballroom/Tango

  • Advanced Cheerleading

  • Basic Mime

  • Bartending Skills

  • ZFX Flight

  • Painting and Embroidery

  • Modeling Experience

  • Can Nap Anywhere at Anytime

  • California Driver’s License